Double Trouble are from The Netherlands. Jack da Spinner and Ron van Beats first worked together in 2014. They made a name for themselves with the Hip Hop group ‘The Arbees’. But in 2017 they decided to work together as a duo by the name; ‘Double Trouble’. People describe the crew as ‘oldskool hiphop’, the cuts from Jack are sharp and on point and emcee Ron’s raps are flowing like water. They will bring you music from the heart with a passion for the Hip Hop culture.

‘Double Trouble’ warmed up the crowd for big international artists like; Big Daddy Kane, La Coka Nostra, ONYX, AG (DITC), El Da Sensei, Melle Mell & Scorpio, etc. Hip Hop is in the building, their sound will bring you back in time.

Influenced by: Rakim & Eric B, Gangstarr, Dilated Peoples, DJ Q-bert, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Ultramagnetic MC’s, Big Daddy Kane, KRS-ONE, the list is too damn long. Real Hip Hop STAND UP!

More? Check out this interview with Double Trouble on the hiphop website Straight up! Hiphop, or with emcee Ron van Beats on the 3voor12 website. Sidenote: both in Dutch.