It’s A Demo

It’s a demo is the brand new single of the Dutch Hip Hop duo Double Trouble. The two are bringing back memories with this track as they pay homage to Hip Hop’s history. With this ‘demo’ they are showing the people what they’ve got in store and what to expect from the upcoming Double Trouble album. The video is directed by Karim Ouri and is shot on 8mm to give the video the same oldskool feel as the track.

Mind Ya Business

Problemen in de Hiphop scene? Niet bij Double Trouble. Ze eren de ambacht van Hiphop en mocht je je ermee willen bemoeien, don’t; better ‘Mind Ya Business’. Jack da Spinner produceerde de nieuwe single van je favoriete Hiphop duo. Mind Ya Business is de tweede single van het aankomende album. Meer horen, of live op het podium zien? Boek Double Trouble, of tip je lokale podium!